Wellness Coaching

What is wellness coaching?

A wellness coach (or health coach) focuses on helping clients shift behaviors, increase activity, and develop healthy eating habits and lifestyle choices. As a certified health coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I offer one-on-one and corporate consulting services to provide customized support to help you achieve your health goals. I specialize in support working and postpartum mothers and I know from first hand experience how challenging these times can be.

I help clients in finding a sense of ease and balance through our four pillars of support: TIME SAVING SOLUTIONS, MINDFULNESS, ACCOUNTABILITY, and ATTAINABLE WELLNESS.

My offerings include a 3 month Intensive program (6 sessions), a 6 month Reset program (12 sessions), pantry raids, grocery tours, + group coaching. With all of my programs, you also get access to my library of yoga flows, meditations, breathwork classes and mental exercises to help support you on your journey.

*As of Summer 2024 I will not be taking any one on one clients until October 2024*

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*Health and wellness coaches do not diagnose, treat, or take responsibility for bringing about wellness changes in a client’s life; rather, they guide and support the development of your progress towards personal wellness goals.