Wellness Coaching

What is wellness coaching?

A wellness coach (or health coach) focuses on helping clients shift behaviors, increase activity, and develop healthy eating habits and lifestyle choices. As a certified health coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I offer one-on-one and corporate consulting services to provide customized support to help you achieve your health goals. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, manage a health condition, resolve digestive issues or simply create healthy habits, I can help support you. I create individualized programs tailored to your needs and provide strategic advice and accountability. I specialize in supporting clients in finding a sense of ease and balance through our four pillars of support: TIME SAVING SOLUTIONS, MINDFULNESS, ACCOUNTABILITY, and ATTAINABLE WELLNESS.

My offerings include a 3 month Intensive program (6 sessions), a 6 month Reset program (12 sessions), pantry raids, grocery tours, + group coaching. With all of my programs, you also get access to my library of yoga flows, meditations, breathwork classes and mental exercises to help support you on your journey.

UPDATE AS OF November 2022: I am booked for clients through Summer 2023. Please email info@flexandflowwellness.com with any questions.

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*Health and wellness coaches do not diagnose, treat, or take responsibility for bringing about wellness changes in a client’s life; rather, they guide and support the development of your progress towards personal wellness goals.